Qingdao Dashi Huihao Caster Co.,Ltd is leading manufacturer for heavy duty industrial casters wheel. DS Caster company hot sale products have Heavy duty Caster wheel,Medium Duty Casters wheel,Light duty caster wheel ,Spring Shock Absorbing Casters wheel,Grey TPE Noise-free Casters wheel,U/V Grooved Casters wheel, Leveling adjustment caster wheels ,Stainless Steel casters,high temperature casters wheel and Customization caster services. For relevant casters projects need,directly contact Email:candy@dshuihao.com Whatsapp/Wechat:+86 15698166560

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What Can We Provide
Diameter range 3inch-5inch, Single wheel load weight 50-200kg, Multiple materials and mounting methods
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Diameter range 3inch-12inch, Single wheel load weight300-6000kg, Multiple materials for choose
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Single spring, double spring, rubber,Rubber &spring structure shock absorbing, Single wheel load weight 270-1500kg
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Iron rail wheel caster, conductive whee caster, anti-static caster, Leveling adjustable caster,Stainless steel caster, high-temperature resistant caster etc
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Established 18 years
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Nissan casters
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Company Profile
Dashi Casters Co., Ltd was established since in 2005 year located in Qingdao City ,Shandong Province, China . Now factory covers an area of 38,000 square meters ,employs nearly 200 staffs and have production capacity of 40000 casters per day.

Dashi Caster specializes in producing industrial casters and focuses on R & D of different kinds of casters such as heavy duty casters , industrial logistics casters , shock absorbing casters , noise-free casters , leveling casters,grooved casters etc ...
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What We Also Offer
Factory direct sales
Low cost, remove the intermediate sales link, directly benefit you
Industry chain
Provide sufficient production and processing space, can undertake bulk orders, and ensure timely supply
Quality system
With a number of patented products, finished product testing to ensure that each product is qualified
Professional team
More than 20 years of caster design experience, 20+ national patents
Customized production
Can be customized, only choose the right one, not the expensive one
Service Guarantee
Telephone or QQ, email consultation, feedback within 2 hours, dare to promise one-day supply in case of emergency
What is the material of wheels have ?

General materials of wheels include HPU PU, TPR, PP, PVC, Nylon, Rubber PH,PA etc. Polyurethane casters are a commonly used material. It is important to choose based on the applicable temperature, ground environment, move frequency and speed etc .

What is mounting type of casters have ?

There are many different mounting types can be used for casters, including Top Plate type, Threaded Stem type, Hole top Stem, Grip Ring Stem, Welded Pipe Stem etc . Normal Top Plate type is the most common and can be fixed use screw bolts or directly welded to equipment.

How to choose load weight of casters wheels ?

When calculating the load of a single caster, a certain safety factor should be given. When the ground is relatively flat, the load of a single caster=(total weight of the equipment ÷ number of casters installed) × 1.2 (safety factor); 

The wheels diameter is larger is better can be pushed?

Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the casters, the less force is used to push them, and the stronger the ability to overcome obstacles. However, a larger diameter of the casters will increase the center of gravity and increase equipment costs, which requires comprehensive consideration.

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